Monday, January 10, 2011

10 months old

My little newborn is now a mobile, chunky, gorgeous, babbling 10 month old-soon-to-be-toddler. I thinks he is very close to standing on her own and then walking. It's hard to believe that now it's my daughter who is almost 1! I am in shock.

Chloe is doing so many fun and cute things these days. She babbles all the time, often saying real words like dadda and momma (when she's mad). She tries to say 'light' and 'cat' and we've heard her say bye bye (randomly). She can climb the ENTIRE staircase of our house, she waves "hi" and "bye" like a champ, and she can give you things and play roll the ball. She loves peek'a'boo and loves to be tickled and kissed on her neck and belly.

She's also starting to do some of the not-so-fun things, like getting pickier about veggies and preferring fruits to veggies. I think I did a great job at providing her with tons of variety, but as babies get older, they, just like us, know what tastes better on their tongue! She is eating lots of new foods and trying new things all the time. She is also pushing things away, throwing herself on the floor when she's really upset, and screeching when I leave the room or hand her off.

She has EIGHT TEETH! She's still a pretty great sleeper, she's tending to need to be left alone more (even though she screams when we do leave) but she is too distracted when we're in the room. So we get a few minutes of crying around 7:15pm and USUALLY she's out for the whole night until around 7amish. We know we are so blessed!!!

Here's a few more pics from Christmas time since I never got to post any!

also - hello cuteness: