Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Things have gone so downhill. The last 3 bedtimes (2 naps and 1 night time for me) have been nightmares. Brian put her to bed last night and it only took 3x. I seriously have given up hope that this is going to be easy at any point until we move and get settled. It's very difficult. She was up 5x in the middle of the night last night. I ended up sleeping on the full size bed in her room, and we were dead asleep until 6:45 (ON THE FREAKING DOT EVERY FLIPPING MORNING) that she woke up and went to the door and I was like.. Chloe.. I'm right here lol.

ughhhhh. gotta go to bed early in case there is a repeat but I have SO much to do right now. I feel like I'm drowning in work.

In GOOD NEWS though our house closing date is set for June 12!! Can't wait to get in there and start scrubbing it down and making it ours!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

6/5 - nap

Major regression today. It was a disaster and I was partly the problem.

I let chloe stay out later then she should've at chic-fil-a as it was our last time with the Lees there. Id idn't want it to end and Chloe was having so much fun so I pushed it. We didn't leave till 12:10, I hoped Chloe would fall asleep in the car but she did not. I let her have 2 sips of my cherry coke and its possible that small amount was enough to boost her, or she just got her second wind.

Finally got her upstairs at 12:52pm
1) Out at 12:53
2) Out again immediately
3) Out at 12:54
4) Out again
5) Out at 12:55
6) Out at 12:56
7) Out at 12:58

During this whole segment above it was confusing. I was talking to her way too much, and then did one blankie removal threat, and she said, ok yes take my blankie. this is very confusing and so I stopped that but took it away. As soon as I left she screamed. Then everything got chaotic after the 7th time out of bed. I was completely inconsistent and didn't know what to do with her becuase she was so wound up, mad and pushing blankie at me, then crying when I took it, then asking me to take it.. I even laid down in her toddler bed with her to calm her down, and this didn't work either.

Finally I got consistent, took blankie out of room and did non-verbal stay-in-bed, over and over, probably about 15 times, from 1:05-1:15. She was so angry. Crying, screaming. I was crying. It was very difficult. Finally at 1:15 after her pleading I made eye contact again, laid her down and told her that I would give blankie back if she stayed in bed. I wiped her eyes and hands and kissed her, and covered her with blankie. Then she said "byeee...."

It's been quiet since (it's 1:25 now). So here's praying.

It's days like this when you want to give up. But I needed her to have that nap so badly, and I could tell she really needed it too. It is so difficult. I felt cruel but I know I was doing all I could.

Monday, June 4, 2012

6/4 - 6/5 night time sleep

Bedtime routine started early at 7:05 because she wanted to brush her teeth early

Read 4 books

7:42 lights out
1) 7:43 out of bed, told her to get back in bed
2) 7:44 our and threatened blankie take away and she said Ok and said oh yeah and gave it to me to take away (backfire!)
3) 7:45 out if bed again crying for blankie Put her back and she kept asking for it
4) 7:46 gave blankie back
5) 7:47 out and took blankie, she hardly seemed to care this time
    7:49 gave blankie back
6) 7:53 out and daddy took over
7) 7:55 out
8) 7:57 out and final warning

She rolled around until at least 8:30... but didn't get out.

Woke up twice - once around midnight, once at 5:30am

Then up up around 6:30

6/4 nap

Got her upstairs for teeth brushing and wash up at 11:50 Read 3 books, George & Martha, Pookie, and iras sleepover

 Down at 12:12

1) got out of bed immediately
2) 12:13 put again, threat of blankie removal
2) 12:14 out again, took blankie, screaming and pleading
3) out
4) out
5) 12:16 put her back in bed with blankie and explained if she stays in bed she gets to keep it.

Stayed asleep until 1:55pm

Sunday, June 3, 2012

6/3 - 6/4 Night time sleep

Chloe did not take a nap today due to our lunch time plans that we dragged her too, so she was quite cranky all night. Brian has been handling bedtime all weekend and he was going the "take blankie away" threat (and execution) route in combination with stay-in-bed technique. I really didn't want to go back to this because it causes a ton of screaming. and I don't know where to stand or what to do after taking blankie. It worked for him well, we'll see.

I got her in the bathtub around 6:45, and upstairs for bedtime routine by 7:10. We brushed teeth, did pjs and diaper and then read 3 books.

At 7:30 I laid her down
1) She got up immediately and I placed her back in bed and reitterated bedtime verbally that she needed to stay in bed.
2) Second time up at 7:33I told her if she got up again, I was taking blankie away
3) Third time  up at 7:35 I told her blankie was gone because she didn't listen to mommy and she got up.

           Crying and screaming commences for about 1 minute
           I put her back to bed with her blankie at 7:36 and reitterated that blankie would be gone again if she gets out of bed again.

That was the last time!

Shout out!

Shout out to my faithful readers, Mary & Bekah ;)

6/2 - 6/3 Night time sleep

Bedtime at 8pm, out of bed 3x with quick threat of blankie removal.

slept through the night! Woke up around 6:50 am :)

6/2 Nap

Need to get the update from daddy :) I believe she got up 5x.

Friday, June 1, 2012

6/1 - 6/2 Night time sleep

12x out of bed before bedtime... and a lot of night waking. this was a major regression and a rough night, especially for daddy.

We went out to dinner tonight but got Chloe home by 6:45 so good amount of time for wind down. She was happy to play blocks by herself and then play her keyboard with daddy. Around 7:20 I came to gather her for bedtime and teeth brushing and she was so happy to follow me upstairs... she even wanted to put her blocks away before going up. Also she ate broccoli at dinner with no complaints... it's been a weird day!

by 7:41 she was in bed
1) 7:42, out and i put her back WITH blankie and words
2) 7:43, out and i put her back with no blankie and no words
3) 7:45, out and she was mad, asking for blankie and crying (but not hard)
4) 7:46, out and asking for blankie again
5) 7:46, out again, this time i put her back with blankie placed lightly.

6) 8:00 - out

7) 8:06 - out and came downstairs, daddy takes over
8) 8:10 - out
9) 8:13 - out
10) 8:15 - out
11) 8: 20 - out
12) 8:22 - out with final warning, blankie being taken away

11:07pm - Out, light on... when parents got home, I think she heard people talking and doors opening
11:08pm - Out again
11:15pm - Out again
11:17pm - Out last time, threat of blankie take away, she stayed

4:00am - Out
6:30am - Out
6:40am - Out
I think finally they gave up around 6:50 and she went to hang out with gramma and granny.

6/1 Nap

Fell asleep in the car with daddy at 12:10 after playtime at chic fil a :)
Stayed asleep when brought inside and placed into bed!

Woke up around 2:05 and saw Katie the babysitter there, and said No No Katie! and put herself back to bed for 30 minutes!

So up again at 2:30 and then did well with katie other then getting into the toothpaste and yogurt because I forgot to put the gate up and her door, and she snuck out without katie knowing she was up!