Wednesday, April 4, 2012

update from april


Naptime -- Somehow she found a pot of Eucerin cream (which is pretty greasy)... I didn’t hear her and she was being really quiet. Walked in and in about 10 minutes she had it all over her legs, shirt and the carpet. argh. She seemed to know she was being mischievous and had created a big mess but she also seemed kind of happy about it.
Since she turned 2, naptime has turned into a struggle. It’s hit or miss! I can’t tell if she is going to nap or not, so far this week, she has napped 1 out of 4 tries. So we’ll try again tomorrow. She also figured out how to get her closet open and her dresser open so nothing in there is safe either!
Part of nap time now is spent opening and closing her bedroom door. Sometimes she’ll step out of the door into the hallway and will quietly close her door, but usually I catch her and put her right back in her room. 
She started saying “oh crap” sometimes. I have to watch what I say!

She says “Ohhhooohhhhhhh” now instead of “yes” when we ask her a question that she has an affirmative answer for. It’s cute but also trying to get her to start saying y es again. I’ve also noticed she’s trying very very hard to put together long sentences, and maybe she gets tired because she keeps mumbling a lot in between and we are losing her words. 
She associates the word birthday with cake :) She asks for mac & cheese and it sounds like apple cheese :) Her favorite foods are probably still cereal and yogurt and cheese and fruit - she loves grapes. she stopped eating bananas for a while but now seems to like them again lol! She loves to try anything mommy is trying!
She asks to go in “mommy’s bed” a lot, and still is obsessed with Kipper the show! She also is getting more into Yo Gaba Gaba and asks for it, and says it’s fun. She loves, loves, loves to play outside! I hope to one day get her a little swingset/play thing in our backyard where ever that ends up being!
She is so funny... ah. :)