Saturday, February 12, 2011

thinking of some changes

Ok cloth diapering mommas, comment here and tell me what brand you use, why you chose it, and what your system is for cloth diapering :) I'm not promising I'm going to change, but I'm definitely putting some research into it. I've been looking at fuzzibunz the most, they seem like they would fit our lifestyle the best. The gDiapers seem awesome too and the most convenient, but they are very expensive and don't save a whole lot of money over disposable which is one of the whole reasons I am looking into this (not to mention the environmental reasons, of course :))

My other main hangup is that brian is really not into the idea due to the increased messiness, hassle, etc., (he thinks and I'm not sure). So I don't want to get into something that will relegate me to do most of the diaper cleanups for the rest of our "baby" years. LOL.