Friday, June 24, 2011


remember that time i used to blog? that was fun. no time for it anymore, can barely keep up with the professional blog! Between work, crazyness and trying to get our house up for sale, life has ramped up to an insane pace. Luckily Chloe seems to be handling it even better then I am!

Here's some pics of Chloe at the zoo a couple weeks ago!

This pony/donkey was so cute, just kept looking at chloe and nuzzling her. They were buds.

Chloe is still a mama's girl!

Discovering the red slide in the toddler area. She climbed up and down this for like 20 minutes!

Chloe and her best bud, Jackson :)

Chloe is awesome right now - her absolute FAVORITE activity is mommy & daddy reading books to her. We probably read 10-20 books, multiple times to her, daily. During playtime, before bed, anytime! She also loves to build with her blocks. And she loves Dora the explorer. ... it's bad. She squeals a lot in excitement (and frustration) She is trying to repeat so many things we say. She has many tricks and cute things she does!

Her favorite words right now are:

dada (#1 by far) means actual dada and then she uses it when she can't repeat what we are trying to get her to :)
diaper (diapah)
tycho (techo)
zelda (zerdo)
mama (but only on command)
kitty (titty)
banana (pronounced nana)
uh oh!
all done! (aahdahn)
Dora (dura - she actually says it with a spanish "r" roll, no joke)
no, no, no (nononon, while pointing and wagging her finger)
eh (yes, or more)

At the doctor last week she was almost 28 lbs, 32 inches tall, in the 95-100% for height & weight. I'm just glad those two caught up with each other! She is our big healthy and happy girl. We ADORE her. I kiss her constantly, and she has taken to walking up to us, turning around and planting herself in our laps.

Here is a quick video of her we took the other day on the web cam :)