Thursday, May 31, 2012

5/31 - 6/1 Night Sleep

total times out of bed at bedtime, 6x.

Bath at 6:40
Out of bath, snack at 7:05
Upstairs by 7:15
Brush teeth
3 books
Lights out at 7:38pm

7:50 - I placed two blankets on her

8:05 haven't heard from her, left mom and dad in charge

She woke up around 5 and yelled, but didn't get out of bed.

Up at 6:15 and grandma had to reason with her to put her back in bed, it did not go that well. She stayed in bed for 25 more minutes then she woke up completely.

5/31 Nap

Started bedtime at 12:45
Lights off at 1:02pm

1) Out of bed at 1:03pm
2) Out of bed at 1:04pm
3) Out of bed at 1:05pm
4) Out of bed at 1:06pm, and then ran over to get all her animals that I stupidly left out. I went in and put them all away in the closet.
5) 1:09 she got out
6) 1:09 immediately out again and threw blankie on floor, then came to the door

I put her back in around 1:10 and covered her lightly with blanket and she cried for mommy and for me to fix her hair which I ignored and left.

It's 1:20 and all is still quiet, we'll see.


Stayed asleep and woke up at 3:00sharp!

5/30 - 5/31 night time sleep

Tonights bedtime in detail -  10x out

Upstairs at 7:15
Books at 7:24
Read 2 then talked about her day
Lights out at 7:36
First time out 7:36
(no mommy, hands in)
Second time out 7:37 - hands in, dropped to floor 
7:38 out
7:39 with blankie
Put her back without fixing 
7:40 out with blankie on floor
Put her back with lightly placed blankie
7:48 calling for me from bed
7:49 out, look in cabinet
Put her back with lightly places blankie
8:01 - sit up and wrinkly blankie
8:02 - out
I did Put blankie back on, hands complain, left without talking or complying, she is crying. Quiet... Watching door
8:04 out of bed again
Put her back, placed blankie 
8:15 out of bed again
8:15 out of bed quickly right after
8:16 back in bed with blankie and water

No talking went into this but i did place her blankie back on her, but not tucking her in.

Up at 1:30am

Up at 5:30am, got back to sleep with some coaxing

Up at 7:10am for the day

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We are still waiting to close on our house. It is a foreclosure, and we love it, but bought it knowing it would need fixing up. So we have at least 2-3 weeks of work before we can move in AFTER we close on it. It's definitely getting hard... I'm trying very hard not to be discontent. We were supposed to have closed on Friday and things got held back because there is a mold problem in the garage. We were always planning on fixing it ourselves and we knew about it, but the bank flagged it and said - this has to be fixed before you can move in. After some deliberation, we went back to HUD (Housing & Urban Development, the govt, who owns the house) and told them and they offered to fix it but it is SLOW SLOW SLOW with estimates, paperwork, extensions on our closing date, paperwork, etc. etc.

I'm starting to lose hope that we will be in the house by the end of June at all now, and when we will make it in. The longer we have to wait, the more in disrepair things are - we drive by it often to make sure things are ok and the weeds are just out of control, and I just want so badly to get in and start cleaning it up. But we can't touch it until we own it. Which I understand, but it's also so frustrating because it is vacant!

My parents have been amazing taking us in. We are just ready to get into our own space again and get Chloe settled, and my business too. I'm right now taking up half their living room with all my camera gear, paperwork, computer, packaging, etc. It's a mess and I hate living in this disaster but it is what it is.

Chloe loves grandma and granny (that's her name for grand-dad), which is a relief. Tonight we spent 25 minutes just watching granny mow the lawn!

Anyway... I am trying very hard not to complain and to be joyful about this amazing house and the opportunity we had to get it way under purchase price and everything. But I am ready to move on and get in there and make it our own.

Lord, grant me patience through the stress and exhaustion.

5/30 Nap

We had a great morning at the park with some friends and she did not want to leave, but I finally ripped her away at 12:00 noon, knowing she needed to get home to start winding down for her nap.

Finally got her in bed around 12:55pm after 3 books.

She again resisted laying down but finally did after about 30 seconds of struggle.

She got out of her bed 6 times. Finally fell asleep around 1:15. I did place her blankie back over her twice.

Got up and came downstairs at 2:40pm

5/29 - 5/30 night time sleep

Bedtime routine started at 7:15 pm (a bit later then normal, and no bath).

Brush teeth, wash up, dry hands (she loves this part)

Chloe's room to change into PJs, get clean diaper on.

Chloe's bed to read books (been reading much longer now - we read 2 long books)

Tucking in and kisses, hugs around 7:40. She protested laying down on her pillow and I had to physically place her in position to get blanket around her multiple times.

She got up and down I believe 9 times from 7:45 until about 8:15/8:30. I ignored and didn't speak to her after the first 2 times (as per the super nanny technique). She screamed for me to put her blankie back on. I ignored her unless she was holding the blankie in which case I put her down, no talking, and quickly put the blankie loosely over her, then left. I had to do this twice, but the last time she did not get out again.

She woke in the middle of the night at midnight and 5:00am, both times only required a hug, placing back in bed and re-tucking blankets. Although at 5 she asked for rocking chair, but I said no. I try not to talk with her at all in the middle of the night unless she seems scared.

She finally woke up and went to the gate in front of her room and started crying to get up at 6:45am

A 2 year old and sleeping

It's been a LONG time since I got on this blog. Right now we are in an interesting living situation as we sold our home and are waiting to get into our new one, and are living with my parents! They are so kind as to take us in.. but it for sure has it's challenges. The biggest of which is Chloe's sleeping situation. This had started before we moved but has amplified since we got here (been about 4-5 weeks now).

The challenges are:

Chloe now sleeps in a toddler bed that my parents generously bought her ... we had to take her out of her crib around 22 months I think as she was climbing out and frequently dropping and hurting herself.

The room, however, is at the top of the stairs, directly across from my parents, and it is difficult for them to ignore her if she cries... although now we have air conditioners on and they don't always here her. WE have a safety gate in front of her bedroom door so she can't tiredly stumble out of bed and out of her door/down the stairs in the middle of the night.

She gets in and out of bed freely, and often.

She knows how and constantly opens the door and closes it. She could probably push the gate down too if given the chance and she got mad enough - we have caught her making attempts to climb it.

She will not go to sleep first time laying down, and makes many demands of us - mainly "blankie, hands in, hold sippy and drink water, etc." But her main complaint is always that her hands aren't right under the blankie, and she will take them in and out over and over. We eventually have to walk away and leave her unhappy because it gets ridiculous.

She wakes up in the middle of the night 1-5 times a night.

She occasionally will fall out of the toddler bed, but this is rare.

She is waking up early, at 6:45.

Things we have tried - most are a variation on the super nanny stay in bed technique, but I feel like I've never quite gotten it really right - and it is much harder to actually do it then it claims.

Continuing to put her back in bed, while giving in to her demands. This is a manipulative cycle where she keeps getting her way and everyone is exhausted.

Continuing to put her to bed, and trying our best to ignore her demands, which causes major tantrums and lots of screaming. I feel myself that I have not bee ignoring her well enough and almost always end up giving in.

Continuing to put her to bed, while ignoring her and standing by the door and not making eye contact, while she screams at us.

Occasionally we will let her cry at the door/gate (which she could easily push down if mad enough) and she usually flips on her light, starts pulling things off of dressers (even though there's hardly anything in there), and will not sleep but start playing... and every 5-10 minutes come to the door and cry or call for us.

At our old house, we sometimes would hold the door from the outside so she couldn't get out (she learned how to break off the safety door knob covers within a week), and she would sometimes collapse in front of the door and fall asleep on the floor but this hasn't happened for a  long time.

Continuing to put her back in bed, and taking things away with threats (like, if you get out of bed again, mommy will take your sippy cup away) Usually this is met with "no no no!" but She still does it, and gets the consequence, then loses her mind and screams and cries. We give it back, then take it away longer next time.

Trying some advice from a book about earlier bed time being better earlier, and putting her down in bed between 7:20 and 7:40 - if possible.

Setting up a much longer and more calming, definitive bed time routine starting around 7:00, unless bath is involved, then 6:45.

I discovered she does much better if she goes to bed earlier rather then later - naptime is now between 12 and 1 o clock.

Last week we started really working on the bedtime routine, and it started helping for a few days but as with everything she finds a way to exhaust us thoroughly by continuing to get out of bed over and over despite our efforts.

The problem with almost all of these is she wises up to our games and starts expecting them, making it a game, and asking for them. - like... she asks us to take away her sippy... she'll say "daddy, stand?" (standing by the door for ignoring technique).

So... that is the crazyness. Now for a new blog post on my challenge to implement super nanny stay in bed as closely as possible to see if we can improve this situation.

We bought a new door lock that we were going to install backwards, but I really think this is going to create more problems then it could solve. The goal with this was to let her just cry... but I feel that crying - it - out with toddlers is a whole different world then with babies, and I just don't know if I'm ready to go all that way. Believe me, the methods we are using involve a lot of tears because there are consequences and taking things away, but to just lock the door, let her cry and potentially wreck the room.. I don't know. But if this doesn't work, it may come to that.