Thursday, October 21, 2010

7 monthish update

Chloe is feeling much better now. We believe it was some sort of 7-10 virus, because that is the exact length of time the tummy disturbance seemed to last. Her little bum got so bad we took her back to the doctor a second time. We were doing a strict regimen of clean off, let dry (some major air time for her tushy) then what I called her "butt frosting" - a layer of antibiotic, then lotrimin, then desitin max. I am happy to say her skin is almost completely healed now... just sort of a light pink tint where all the damage was. She is feeling so much better and seems to be back to normal.

In other news I tried peach baby yogurt for her today and she almost threw up. She was WRETCHING. It was funny and also I felt bad. So we stuck to her harvest vegetable blend with cereal. She seems to love veggies more then fruits at this point... I hope it lasts but I'm sure it won't!

I have so many new pics of her I posted on FB... too many to put all here, so I will just put up a few of my favorites.

More here if you can see this link: facebook

We did dress her up for Halloween - it was an Old Navy costume of a butterfly. We took her to zoo boo...which is semi pointless for kids under 1 year of age, but it was cute to see her dressed up. She seemed mainly bored, but she was very good.

chloe typed this:

mm innivy fcggff

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

upset tummy

This is a pic of Chloe from a few weeks ago sporting her leg warmers from Danielle & her mac onesie from Christa. Thanks everyone :)

This post will be talking about baby poop. I totally understand if you don't want to read about that, and feel free to "mark as read" or "X out" or disregard, however you choose. But if you do, just say a little prayer for my chloe if you don't mind.

For the last 4-5 days, Chloe has been pooping ... a lot. like 6 times a day. This is very abnormal for her, she usually goes max 2 times, sometimes not at all, but most consistently about 2 times every day. The poop is all different colors & consistencies, I'll spare you the details, but you can tell that something weird is going on in her tummy. I am trying to isolate what could be causing her digestive upset. She doesn't seem to be too uncomfortable or in pain tummy wise except for her poor little raw bum, with her worst diaper rash to date. I took her to the docter because she was crying when we were wiping her... and I felt terrible for her and wanted to figure out the cause. They gave me a perscription, Nizoral cream, for her bum but you have to be careful how much you use it and honestly I'm nervous about using it on her based on the side effects and how delicate her skin is already :( But I'm gonna try for a few more days and see if it helps. So that is 2x a day and the rest of the time I'm trying to be very gentle, wipe with warm wipes, give her a little air and use desitin.

I feel so bad for her..... she just keeps going and going (poo). I cut a lot of her solid food intake back. I wondered if maybe it could be the little baby jar meats (I tried a one of chicken/sweet potatoes & just chicken last week for the first time). Brian is convinced it is. Me after hearing Similac is convinced that there is beetle larvae in the Target Up&Up formula that is her main source of nutrition. I still am breastfeeding in the morning, and this makes me wish I was breastfeeding even more, so I'm trying to maybe build my supply back up a bit so I can get one more nursing in a day and take out one of her formula bottles because usually breastmilk is easier on their systems.

anyway, not a huge thing, I don't think, but still I'm trying to figure it out.

--this mommy wishes she knew the answers--