Monday, August 30, 2010

sooo cute

I couldn't not post pictures of Chloe today. She has on this new long sleeve onesie and just looks so adorable with her little pink pants. She was making such cute and hilarious faces too! I think the flash was confusing her but she played along quite well :)

Here's a few of my favies:



almost completely sitting up by herself now - she can do it for about 15-20 seconds sometimes longer!


this one is a bit out of focus but i love it like this:


this cracks me up:


she's been really into tags lately!


also I finally got a picture where you can kind of see her two front bottom teeth. yay!

finally got a pic of her two little teeth

and she's learning to kiss. it's hilarious and melts my heart, and also my face gets drenched with drool

learning to give kisses

See more here on flickr.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

chloe is 5 months

It is seriously so hard for me to keep up with this blog anymore. I honestly don'tk now how regular bloggers do it. I think because I am a photographer and deal with hundreds of photos everyday, I get sooo overwhelmed by my own personal ones that I just don't have to pick the best, fix them, get them up on the blog, etc. Well... here's a shot. We'll see if this will take me like all day to get finished. Excuse that half of these photos are iphone pics, but it is my main-day-to-day-capture-the-moment camera. I love my iPhone. (despite the fact that since the OS4 update it runs like crap)

At 5 months, Chloe is:

Wearing her lightening hair in cute new ways

Trying on cute dresses that she got as gifts before she grows out of them

Riding on a boat! (just once, but it was fun!)

Rolling over all the time from back to tummy, but still can't quite get the other way (even though that was the first way she rolled over weeks ago)

She's spending lots more time outside with her friends & family

Still sleeping very well through the night, waking up sometimes... and taking pretty regular (short) naps about every 2-3 hours. Usually you are tired and cranky by 7:00pm!

Trying to sit up oh so hard! But occasionally toppling down...

Sitting on the front porch steps with mommy & daddy

Eating new foods, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and pears
(also looking just like her daddy - what the heck)

Talking and babbling and yelling. You go to the nursery at church now because you are too loud :) But we love it at home!

Becoming friends with Tycho... :)

Laughing, smiling, and seemingly in love with everyone!

Also... TEETHING! I don't have a picture though, but your first bottom tooth is popping through ... started on your 5 month birthday!