Monday, July 26, 2010

CRAZY Dreams

I have been having some of my most vivid and bizarre dreams over the last few nights. No idea what is going on. Last night I read Stephanie Meyer's new Novella before bed, and therefore dreamed about vampires. You should read all this because you might be mentioned! The night before all of these things were in my dream:

Bill & Christie were pregnant with twins
Lady Gaga was doing my hair and she told me to go back to my natural color
Someone tried to steal my laptop, camera, AND hard-drive
I dropped my 17-55mm 2.8 lens (again, this happened in real fell out of my shootsac) and it was totally broken.
I forgot about 2 love/engagement sessions, I literally was half asleep when they all showed up, and the weather was crappy - Danielle & Dave, and Heather Kinal & her hubby Murl. Both were really upset with me. We were climbing over roofs and in these weird blue rooms.
I was taking pictures of Jessy Deppen/Burkell & Laurel Watson/Clark, as friends, couple... I don't know why!
My mom & dad stopped over unannounced and I freaked out on them (not that far off from reality) ;-)
There was a tv show/film going on right outside my house
My mother was letting homeless people into my house and demanding that I feed them.

It... was... weird!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

almost 4 months old

I cannot believe this little girl. She is 16 weeks old now and so very vocal. She loves to smile at herself, she must think she's pretty cute. (she's right)

She is doing great on her tummy, but she still gets annoyed after about 5-10 minutes there.

She rolled over last Friday twice in a row from tummy to back, but we haven't been able to get her to repeat it since. Her hair is going NUTs. She loves when Brian or I put her high above our head and sing "Super girl!"

She makes a hilarious pouty face now that cracks me up! (see below)

And she is learning and communicating. I can't wait to hear what her voice will be like one day! I am loving being her mom, struggling with time and how to get into a routine. But she sleeps so well at night, I can't complain about anything. She is an angel baby!

Here are some cute videos of her. The first is at 14 weeks, the second at 15, and the third taken this morning at 16 weeks. Enjoy :)