Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hannah Sleepy Time

Well... we had a really good run with Hannah and sleeping. She gave us about 7-8 extra months in her crib then Chloe did... She's now starting the epic nap and bed time battles that Chloe gave us starting at 22 months. She has learned to get out of her crib this week... today she dropped to the ground and bit her cheek/lip ... got cut and bruised from it. Now Brian's been trying to get her to take a nap for 30 minutes and she's just crying and screaming... it's tough. We need to quickly formulate a plan of attack and potentially get a toddler bed from my mom quick!

Hannah is an incredible little child. She talks so much, She is so funny, happy and dancy. She does get emotional but not quite as much as Chloe did. She is sensitive about some things and totally laid back about others! It's funny how they are different. Hannah loves to touch our faces... to talk to us... to play "mommy's iPad" to "visit Selah" to see "gwamma and gwandad" and play with "tywer"... She is so darn cute. We can barely take it sometimes! One of the things she talks about the most is watching Surprise Eggs videos and playing with Shopkins and La La Loopsies :)

Chloe started kindergarten September 1, she is doing so so so well. I am so happy for her and so proud of her! She did have a UTI this last week... not sure if it's from holding it, baths, not wiping right, but we are dealing well with it. She is riding the bus, and so far so good! This girl still has her emotional moments. She still can be very argumentative, and slightly obsessive over some things, but she is so compassionate... she loves so deeply and she is very sensitive to others feelings.

Life is crazy but we are so blessed!

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