Friday, July 18, 2014

California: Day 4, Driving the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu!

This was truly as an amazing experience as everyone says it is. We saw so much beauty.... we even took a hike down to Partington Cove (which was beautiful but not quite what I expected).  The drive didn't seem too long as we made a lot of photo stops. I don't think I can ever get sick of having the ocean crashing to the right of me - and the scenery of the coast is stunning... the rocks, the waves, the hills and valleys...

We made a stop at Brown Butter Cookie Company and they truly were incredible. I tried to save some for after dinner, but I couldn't keep them in the bag longer then a few minutes! Salty and sweet, and just amazing. Dinner was incredible ... Italian in Santa Barbara at Toma Restaurant. The weather finally started to get a bit warmer at this point :)

I also truly loved seeing the farmlands south of Santa Barbara. It was incredible, the expanse of fruit and vegetables being grown!

We arrived at our beach house (a small cottage in Malibu) around 9:30pm that night and just chilled and went to bed! The pool was pretty cold so we didn't dare a nighttime swim :) It was an amazing day!

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