Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Watching the debate... but can't keep it on for more then 5 minutes. I hate confrontation and arguing - even though I KNOW it is necessary. it's just soooo awkward and the looks on their faces. ah!

We find out if this little baby #2 in "mommy's tummy" is a boy or girl on Friday morning. I am jittery with excitement and also terrified to find it out and then it becomes so much more real. We soon need to clear out his/her room, get prepared, etc.

I am still feeling stressed and busy but it's gotten a lot better. I had a stomach virus last night that was horrendous but quick. I think my pregnant stomach is weak and just can't keep it together during things like this. I don't know if I ever have thrown up that much. But it was over so fast and I was already eating again today. Now comes the part where I pray my brains out and heart out that Chloe and Brian don't get whatever it was, if it was contagious. Lord, please spare them!

till Friday....

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Christie Lee said...

HOpe you are feeling better. Can't wait to find out!