Friday, July 4, 2014

So much happening with the girls

I know I haven't written here in years almost... I  just thought of a few things and wanted to record them somewhere!

Hannah is 16.5 months now! She is growing leaps and bounds! Her hair is dirty blond and curly and crazy...  She started walking around 13 months. She now runs and climbs... she tries to climb into her highchair, she climbs up onto the kitchen table... she will climb up deck chairs to get onto the patio table! She loves to walk around with me on the deck...  She loves to clap and dance, spin around and around. She loves music, her sister makes her laugh!!! She is so darn cute we can't stand it! She is speaking so clearly and well. When she sees food she likes she says "yummy yummy, eat, yummy yummy" and starts yelling it if we don't listen! She says Night night for bed, and nap. She can point to nose, eyes, ears, mouth. She loves to "rock a rock" with mommy before bedtime. She is still a bedtime thumb sucker and as soon as she gets her blankie she is ready for sleeping! she is genearlly a good sleeper, sometimes wakes up once a night a little nervous and just needs a quick rock and back to bed! We are so blessed by her. She is very loud though... sometimes between her and Chloe both asking for things I feel a bit nuts!!! Both of the girls are obsessed with Chocolate Chex... cereal, etc. Hannah will ask for "milk-a" and "chex" :) She got sick earlier in the week and was throwing up and having the runs for a few days... she seems to get something like this every 6 months. We all had a horrible stomach virus in February - it was just awful, all at the same time!!! Praying that never happens again. I forgot that Hannah also loves to say "weeeeee" when going down the slide! It's so cute. She calls it the "weeee" and the "wing" (swing). she climbs up the playset on her own!

Chloe is so... old. beautiful. tall. funny. grown up. We can't even believe it. She is 4 and 4 months now... I can't believe in one year she will be in kindergarten! Right now her favorite things is MineCraft... on the tv (xbox 360) with daddy, or on her iPad. (yes she has her own iPad...) She loves to watch videos about Minecraft too! She also adores Waldameer! She is a daredevil and loves going on the Comet and tons of other rides! She is doing gymnastics this summer and seems to like it... she did Dance last school year and did great, but I couldn't tell if she really loved it or if it was just sort of fun for her... but her recital was so beautiful and she loved it and was extremely excited by the whole thing!!! She talks so much, and loves to chat and sing and have conversations. She and I listen to Kari Jobe in the car and she sings along... she went to VBS two weeks ago and did great with it! she is showing a lot of independence in some ways. Others are tougher. She loves to be with mom and dad, but is still mostly a mommy's girl. Depending on the day :) We went to Waldameer last night for July 4th (on the 3rd) and it was insane! Their were flaming fireworks falling from the sky and hitting people in the head. Chloe liked/hated it. We ran out of there. haha!

Here are some photos from the last few months.

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