Tuesday, October 20, 2009

20 week sonogram!

I cannot believe that I am halfway through this pregnancy already. It is all just around the corner... I am truly in awe. Today was an emotional and joyous and insane day. I had a few ups and downs, hardly slept and then was in astonishment at our sonogram. We are 20 weeks along so it's pretty sure and ok to say at this point that we are having a girl! I am so surprised. I was totally convinced it was a boy. Brian is beside himself - he is so excited!

The baby didn't move around too much while we were getting the actual sonogram, but proceeded to nudge and push me for the rest of the day very actively. Aargh! Anyway the sonogram tech was having a bit of trouble getting the images she needed at first because of the position the baby was in - head down, turned towards my back (showing us its butt). haha. Finally she got it to move so she could get some profile shots. This is the first time seeing the baby's profile and it was surreal and beautiful!

Baby Gender: 90% sure girl
Baby heartrate: 155bpm
Baby Weight: 11 oz
Baby Length: Somewhere around 10 inches from toe to head, about the length of a banana (from babycenter.com)

Baby snuggled against placenta. This was actually bad for the the technician. lol

Baby snuggled against placenta. This was actually bad for the the technician. lol

Baby's foot! Sticking straight at you.

Baby snuggled against placenta. This was actually bad for the the technician. lol

Baby's profile. She is so darn cute already.

Baby's profile. She is so darn cute already.

We also took a little video footage which was soooo not allowed but so worth it to me. This is a precious memory and I wanted to have what I could of it. It is about 4ish minutes long. I tried to label it so you can see what is going on - there is a section where they are checking for the gender, and a section measuring the face and profile. There are parts where you get to see the whole baby's body, spine and feet and legs too. Cool stuff!!!

We love you baby girl Lusky!!! It's amazing how precious you are to me in such a short time.


*Stace* said...

Rach!!! These are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!! So crazy that they can be so detailed! I can't watch the video at work, but I will be sure to when I get home! Such an amazing experience!! I am definitely praying for you & Bri & baby girl Lusky!

Susan said...

COOL! Thanks so much for sharing! What a beautiful little baby!

At 20 weeks, BOTH our boys had very "obvious" boy parts, so I'm thinkin' if didn't see any boy business and you were getting a good look between the legs... yeah!

I mean, both Ian & Aaron there was NO mistaking what we were seeing down there!


The next 20 (or so) weeks are going to fly by!

Laura Gruner said...

Hopefully your doctors 90% sure girl is more accurate than my doctors 90% :) I'm sure it is though!!!

What a beautifully wonderful blessing,and how adorable that she's all cuddled up in there!!!

Thanks for sharing the pictures and video - completly precious!

amy grace said...

i like how you said "we took a video which you are SO not supposed to do...but here it is on the internet for everyone to see, enjoy!" hahahah ;)

YAY so excited though eeeek i'm glad you put the video up now i can look at it againnn

*Stace* said...

aww! that video was amazing!! how did you do it without them knowing?!

Tracy Jones Jenks said...

via Facebook:
took a quick peek - can't wait to read more later. it's so awesome you're documenting everything - it will mean so much to you in years to come!

Kristin Hesch said...

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Rachel. Unbelievable. Oh my.

Renee Wilde Vaught said...

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loves the video! Your daughter will be one lucky little girl to have you and Brian : )

Sherry Dellecurti said...

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It's precious. Remember I waited almost 10 years to be a mom. I'm so excited for you.

Heather Mencer said...

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Rach that was beautiful. I love it when you share your precious moments with us! Thank you. :)

Jen Kerr said...

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Priscilla Schmitz said...

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Aww, that was the most precious video ever!! Congrats!

Rebekah Sirak said...

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I can't wait to dress her up and tell her all she needs to know...(mostly twilight related things ;)...)

Penny said...

Did someone tell you you weren't allowed to take video of the sono? We recorded a large chunk of when we found out he's a boy and the sonographer didn't have nay problems with it. Glad you shared! Technology is so cool!