Saturday, July 12, 2014

California, Day 1: San Francisco!

Today was a fantastic day. The weather was cool, in the 60s. By the house we rented on Broderick street, it was cloudy but as we got out closer to the water the sun did come out. Brian and I came back pretty nice and burnt on our faces and my shoulders!

Our rented apartment is amazing. It's like an old 1920s style house (reminds us of our old house on 29th street) with gorgeous hardwood floors. But all the furnishings are modern and retro, the bathroom is like a spa and the kitchen is redone totally in Ikea! There is a hot tub which we loved, and a kind of oasis created within the fencing and concrete with palm trees and bamboo.

This morning we started out very late as we were a bit tired and getting used to our jet lag :) We finally got out the door and got out to a place called Brenda's French Soul Food. It was a bit of a wait, and Brian wrote our name on the chalkboard. After a quick detour to a book store (so nice to just be able to go sit and read without worrying about the sitter or the kids being bored ;)), we came back and got seated. We enjoyed an amazing breakfast complete with Beignets.

We then walked to a stop and stood in line and waited for the historic Powell & Market cable cars to come which took us to Lombard Street, the tight and winding steep street. It was super cool. We started at the top and walked down. We then walked down to Fisherman's Wharf and spent time being touristy and watching the water. It was SOOOO windy and cool, we really loved it though. Tons of people, lots to see. Could see the Bay Bridge across the water and Alcatraz. By far our favorite part was the Rocket Boat trip. 30 minute boat ride and they go fast!!! It was such a blast. Wish it was longer!! :)

After this we did a bit more water watching and some stupid maze of mirrors, and then we caught the subway/train back off of Market Street to a cool place called the Grove to eat a light dinner. It was such a cool place, I really liked it. I needed a salad after almost 36 hours of eating almost all fried foods, meat, heavy, and not healthy food! Course, we added a cheese fondue appetizer ;)

We then walked back to our house on Broderick street. We relaxed in the hot tub and took showers, and then Brian decided he wanted to drive more! We drove around and got a little lost and finally made it down to a few different lookout points to see the Golden Gate Bridge lit up at dusk. It was truly beautiful. Got some GREAT pictures. Hope to post them later!

Now we are back and resting. It's 9:40pm but feels like 1 in the morning to me. aaah better sleep soon. We are whale watching tomorrow!!!

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