Monday, July 14, 2014

California, Day 3: Muir Woods, San Francisco & Monterey Bay

Today was a long and amazing day! We started early in the quiet and beauty of Muir Woods. It was my favorite experience so far. Brian convinced me to get up early and start the day very early because Muir woods gets busy quickly. He was right and I'm so glad. We got there and there was hardly anyone around... it was just a beautiful experience. It was cool... silent.. tall... giagantic... other-worldly... peaceful... beautiful... the light was stunning. I have some gorgeous pictures to share. I loved it! What an amazing day.

Then we drove back and over Golden Gate Bridge and stopped at an overlook to view it from the other side. It was very foggy and windy but awesome. The overlook is what used to be an old battery station where they kept guard over the harbor... it was really neat! I kept thinking in all these public places we visited how they would be such awesome spots for photographs and engagement/family sessions, but that they are probably over-used here, just like the spots in Erie are... we only have so many good ones so everyone uses them (naturally) :)

Then we drove BACK to Monterey Bay .... again lol :) We finally got our whale watching trip in. It was a long boat ride out but we saw tons of humpback whales feeding, and they were surrounded by swarms of birds. It was Alfred Hitchcocky in nature, the swarms were huge and encircling us! The whales were in pairs most of the time and it was just so cool. They weren't too active (no jumping or breaching) but they were very beautiful. We did seem them lunge feed. Then we rode back on the boat on the long ride back, and it was very cold.

Overall we've been shocked (pleased and not pleased) by how cold our trip has been! The boat and certain aspects are obviously worse. I bought this cheesy windbreaker jacket and I was so glad I had it. We had p.F. changs for dinner and now packed up and are ready for our drive tomorrow in a convertable down the highway! Not many plans for L.A. aand hope to keep it slow and quiet for our last 2 days once we get there!

I miss my girlies... I am loving my trip but excited to see them when we get home :)

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